Thursday, October 8, 2015

Next Up in the Ongoing Series of Poems About the Summer of 2006 Comes This One

July 12, 2006
We were walking down the street yesterday evening

to go to the market and get some eggs and some ice cream
and as we passed the weird little pizza place across the street
the smell of pizza was so strong and fresh and lovely
golden and delicious and it’s never normally like that
There were two men walking ahead of us eating
slices heaped with veggies and toppings as they strolled
and we concluded that the scent was a combination of their pizza wafting back at us
and the fact that the restaurant must have actually made the pizza fresh for them
which is something they rarely seem to be doing in there

image source is here

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dogpatch Shopping

The same day we went to the Museum of Craft and Design last week my colleagues and I also took a little tour of some of the cool retail spots cropping up in the Dogpatch neighborhood. First we went to Workshop Residence, where each item for sale is the result of a careful collaboration with an artist or artisan. Next we went to Industrious Life, a design boutique run by a former coworker of ours with fabulous taste (where I bought some vintage forks and other goodies). And then we spent some time in the Museum of Craft and Design gift shop--before touring their exhibition--where we were gratified to spot lots and lots of Chronicle books and products, and an adorable blue vase.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Non-Gender-Normative Legos: The Third Ten

This world I adore just continues to expand. For previous posts in the series (plus explanation as to what the heck this is) see here and here.

Above: identical twins who are married to identical twins go to family therapy 

The astronaut, the alien, and their baby pose for a family portrait

Excited for their first day of Ostentatious Masculinity Deprogramming Camp

Tough lady rock star is backed up by useless hot guys with tambourines

The all-girl reboot of the Village People

Greedo and Han share a tender moment

These two preforming artists--the mime and the opera diva--are in a healthy, mature relationship with a minimum of drama

Middle-aged suburban woman is a fencing instructor

Plus-size supermodel slays the runway

True story: someone left superman/pirate guy on the "free shelf" of my apartment building--and he is so happy to be united with his true people

Monday, October 5, 2015

Birthday Party Balloons

With everything else that needed doing and celebrating, I did not have the wherewithal (side note about that word--I always thought it was pronounced WHEREwithal, but I once worked with a guy who very confidently pronounced it whereWITHal, and though I'm pretty sure he was mistaken I now tend to think, and sometimes even say, his version) to take the polaroid camera to the park for Mabel's fifth birthday party. Instead I took her photo when we got home from the party, with the balloons she very clearly envisioned ahead of time, and very carefully picked out at the party store to match her vision, and very firmly directed me as to where to put them at the party to draw everyone's attention to the fact that this was the spot where the party was happening. It was, if I do say so myself, a good party, at least in the most important factor, namely that she loved it. Not a great photo though. But if you squint you can glimpse a trace of the happy, exhausted post-party smile.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Art and Other Tactics: Contemporary Craft by Artist Veterans

I went with some colleagues to visit the Museum of Craft and Design the other day and we saw their current exhibition Art and Other Tactics: Contemporary Craft by Artist Veterans. Spanning the era from post-World War Two to the present, it was a powerful show. One interesting thing to note was how veteran artists in the middle of the Twentieth Century almost never allowed themes of politics or war to directly enter their artwork, while in our own era they almost inevitably did. Of course such things are also a matter of curation, but still, it was interesting to observe. My favorite piece of all was the one you see a detail from above, by Jenn Hassin--the whole thing in (almost) its entirety is at the bottom of this post.

JB Blunk

Warren Mackenzie, William Daley, Peter Voulkos

Val Cushing

Judas Recendez

Thomas Orr

Harvey Littleton

Giuseppe Pellicano

Jenn Hassin (again)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Ongoing Poem Series About the Summer of 2006 Continues

July 11, 2006
On the way to work this morning I saw a dead tree

One of two rather sad little twisted odd trees
that occupy the median outside the creepy tanning parlor

I’ve noticed them many times before
for their strange tall spiraling trunks
with just a little tuft of branches on top

but this time one of them had a smattering of fresh green leaves
while the other one was very dead and frizzled

In fact it looked like it even might have been set on fire
with the remnants of tattered black leaves clinging on
and the branches themselves sort of blackened

But it’s hard to say for sure that it was burnt
it might have been just really dead

Impossible also to say how long it had been that way
maybe someone torched it over the weekend
but maybe it’s been dead or dying for ages up there above my eye level

image source is here

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More Book Parties!

Fall is here and that means the season of book parties is upon us! For me it kicked off with the Fortune Favors the Brave author signing I talked about last week, and now there is much more--

Yesterday, in honor of the two latest voleumes in the 642 series--642 Tiny Things to Draw and 642 Tiny Things to Write About--we threw a Tiny Tuesday party here in our offices. Tiny balllons, tiny food, a tiny drawing contest. It was fantastic.

And then if you scroll down a bit you'll find me ducking into the Pinterst offices, where the inimitable Jessica Hische was signing her new book In Progress for a legion of adoring friends and fans, then wandering out into a beautiful pale blue San Francisco autumn evening. Delightful.